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My name is Hannes, and this is one of my web pages. 

It is supposed to give an overview of the things that I do, it is relatively new, so I will be adding things as I’ll find time to do so, in the order of their relevance.

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Hannes Arvid Andersson

I am an artist, researcher and general multi-media practitioner specialized in most things related to the field of audio-visual.

Inspired by thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze, Marshall McLuhan and William Burroughs, I use critical poetics (po[e]litics) and applied science fiction in order to explore narrative affect and interrogate the ins and outs of the multiverse.

I am based in Groningen (Netherlands), since 2015, where I moved to do my MA in “Media-Art Design & Technology” @ the Frank Mohr Institute (where I was tutored by Ruud Akse & Jan Klug), after having studied “Digital Film-making & Animation” at the SAE Institute Barcelona (where I was tutored by Hugo García and Ezequiel Polbach).

I enjoy dialogue, and so, I often collaborate with artists, collectives and others in a wide range of medias and configurations, most notably with:

Klaas Hendrick Hantschel (aka Smit) together with whom I form the philosophically oriented tech-art duo SMIT-ANDERSSON, as well as the design studio NONVERBAL;

Agustin Martinez Caram with whom I make video works under the name of ARVUSTIN CARAMDERSSON, as well as “music” under the name A63N7, and live performances as HELION: an audio-visual collective that also includes Adrian Newgent, and recently also

Lucija Gregov; together with whom I also make other things, such as LIQUID RADIO transmissions;

I also make sound-oriented cross-arts installations with Simon Haakmeister under the name of HANNES&SIMON;; perform with Jan Klug; cable things up with Fred Rodriguez; discuss philosophy with Kimball Holth, do spatial projections with Geert Mul; make cinema with Luis-Simon Nunez Rodriguez; research nomadic culture with Richard Fraser, and do various forms of work with the cultural association NP3.

The outcomes of these things have been shown internationally at events and venues such as EYE filmmuseum (Netherlands), Mutek (Spain), Blue Metropolis Festival (Canada), Festival Internacional Mapping Girona (Spain), ZKM (Germany), Museum of the History of Bologna (Italy), National Museum of Contemporary Art (Romania), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (Brazil) & La Biennale di Venezia – 57th International Art Exhibition (Italy).


A sound oriented project materializing in musical compositions, performances and various forms of transmissions.


Smit && Andersson

A philosophically oriented tech-art && research duo composed of Klaas Hendrik Hantchel && Hannes Arvid Andersson.


Our goal is to investigate the phenomenological aspects of perception; body; space; and time, – in a present where we all carry a refracted version of ourselves in our pockets. and to expand the confinements of language and narrative; seeing and being. Our wish to establish a form of communication more suitable for discussing the complexities of contemporaneity; A trans-medial language appropriate of the anthropocene; A language for the networked human.


Gronicles is a Magazine that I am currently working on, the 1st issue is not officially released yet, but since you are here, you can see it in its current state by clicking on the button below

Vol.1 - For the Birds

Hortus Bionicus

A photosynthesizer

A growing sculptural sound-installation by Hannes Andersson & Simon Haakmesteer, commissioned by the Groningen Cultural Embassy in Leeuwaarden for the exhibition ‘Water Waterstof’.

Made in collaboration with Klaas Hendrik Hantschel and Sigita Žurauskaitė. Leeuwaarden, 2018.

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#helion { @description(is an audio-visual performance and production group based in the Netherlands”);

including Hannes Arvid Andersson(); Marcelo Agustin Martinez(); Adrian Newgent(); );}

.Background { We first made contact with helion in December 2017, in a place of ancient worship, turned public, popular and dedicate to light. Perhaps it was this configuration that triggered her outreach, or perhaps it was just circumstantial. Or maybe it was we that was looking, and she that answered our call. No matter the reason and what forces happened to be at play on this day, she called and we heard. }

Do you?

Is there an essence to being human? Philosophers and physicists have attempted to answer this elusive question throughout the ages. Arguably with relatively little success. But as digital minds have a number of advantages over biological minds, especially in terms of processing vast sets of data, recent developments in computational technology have made the topic subject to quantification by semi-autonomous processes, who measure opinion in the global currency of likes and activity in the form of clicks and views. If these novel methods show anything, it is that whatever it means to be human is seemingly changing, and that this change, as always, is inseparable from the means of measuring it, bringing forth new questions such as -What are we left with when all has been quantified? If a true AI would awaken, capable of not only seeing, but of actually comprehending this data, how would humanity appear in the digital eyes of this alien other?

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